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8 Ways to Keep Pimples and Adult Acne away

Year: 2016
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Hi ladies,

In today’s post, let’s find out about some tips and tricks that will help to keep those pimple and adult acne at bay.


1. Keep Your Scalp Oil-Free:

If you have the habit of oiling your hair and keeping overnight, then that may be the cause of your recurring pimples. Try to wear a shower cap or you can also oil your hair 1 hour prior to shampooing


2. Ditch Junk Food:


Fried, junk and processed foods are the worst enemy of clear skin. These kinds of foods can give you an outbreak of unwanted acne and pimples So, try to eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated for clearer looking skin.

3. Sleep on a Clean Pillow Case:


The dirt and bacteria from your unwashed hair gets transferred to the pillow case, that can trigger those annoying breakouts. If you face the problem of acne quite often, then try changing your pillowcase as often as you can.

4. Keep Hands Away from Your Face:

Your hands and fingers touch numerous germ laden things on a daily basis and touching your face with those fingers can deposit the germs on your face, which eventually lead to acne issues.


5. Wash your Face Often:


Washing the face at least twice a day, keeps the pH level of your face in check and deep cleanses your skin, this will also keep that dreaded acne at bay.

6. Avoid sugary foods which:


Sugar raises your insulin level, may boost those oil-triggering hormones in your body which lead to pimples. Try to avoid processed sugars and have sugar in its natural form.

7. Use spot treatments:

Spot treatments can come in handy when you must treat any particular spot or pimple on your face. You can just dab it on the trouble spot to dry it out and kill bacteria. There are so many options available nowadays and you can take expert advice from a skin specialist also.


8. Stop Stressing:


Stress is the main cause of acne, as well as hair fall. We all get stressed in our day to day lives, but prolonged stress period can give your acne. Try to remain calm and do meditation or yoga to calm your senses.

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